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How to Line Your Lips/Classic Red Lips Tut


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Even though I white balanced, please realize these lips are RED to the bone.




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Your lips are freaking perfect. I love red lipstick. It looks fabulous against your porcelain flawless skin. Thank you for fantastic tutorial.


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Originally Posted by XShear
Gorgeous! I would love to see you do some FOTD's.

I have FOTDs on here. I just put makeup on other people now. I just did 2 makeups this week and I'll post some pics soon.


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This was one of the bets tuts ever girl!!! Thanks soo much for doing this and showing the examples. It was much needed for me!! haha...You have gorgeous lips by the way!


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Great, I love red lips

Just want to add something, if you can find red pancake (stage makeup.. probably for clowns
) you can use it instead of the powder.
Damn that thing gets RED. And i thought I've seen red before that


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wow nice tut id love to go bold and have the ruby red lips ... lol but i play it safe and keep things natural.

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