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How to pack your makeup kit for travel (air, train, car, sea!)


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Similar to Miss Pumpkin's Pack your MAC! - http://specktra.net/f280/pack-your-m...utorial-38199/ but on a larger scale. This is how I've been taught to do it by my school and figured anyone who has to travel by car, train, plane, internationally, etc should know how to pack.

So maybe you have a case like mine:


It's a Japonesque aluminum case. I marked it with FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP with arrows. I used one of those gold markers that stink and are permanent - but later on you can cover them up with black spray paint if you want. I also measured and weighed it after I was finished with the packing (14x14x8 and 20.1 lbs). This was all prepped for airline security, but you should be ready for anything.

So don't mind my roomie's cat pretending to be security:


I guess it checks out! Here's how it looks inside:


I put cotton batting or small personal tissues in any open space and put everything I can into plastic baggies. Notice how I've labeled all my drawers - it's a good thing to do! I make an itinerary of EVERYTHING in my kit and where to find it. When traveling international, I try to show it to customs first (in Canada they have a customs office downtown) and then tape the itinerary to my kit which then goes in my suitcase with sweaters and stuff packed around it. Also - YOU CANNOT TRAVEL WITH ANYTHING FLAMMABLE (acetone, alcohol, spirit gum, etc) or with anything that will change consistency due to heat or freezing temperatures (prosaide, latex, etc). It's a good idea in general to buy a little sticker thermometer that you can find in the fish aisle at pet stores.



Make sure you have all your documents with you (make a copy of your signed itin and take photos of your kit).

Why it's a good idea to keep your kit in your suitcase (or make your suitcase a kit):
You never know if your kit will make it into the special handling area even if you request it. They may not have the room and your kit may be in pieces when it makes it up to baggage claim. Boy will you then have a claim to make!

Also, keep all pressed powders with you in a carry on. I take my backpack and put in my laptop against my back, my camera bag at the bottom next to it and then my palettes on top with my paperwork!

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