how to remove duo glue from eye lid??


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Hello guys,

I need help to remove glue after using falsie eyelashes from the eye lid and my eyelashes. I am still learning how to apply eyelashes and getting success but I've very hard time to remove glue from eye lid and lashes. I know i should use only strip a thin line on lashes but you know i am new. Please help me.

Thanks in advance...


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It should be the consistency of rubber cement and should just peel off in a thin strip from your eye. I've never had it stick to my actual eye or eyelashes. As for removing it from your fake lashes, a bit of eyemakeup remover usually does the trick, and again, it should peel off in a strip. I've also been told that you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the last bits of glue, but I've never had to.


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with shawna eye makeup remover or makeup wipes should work or try cleansing it with some johnson's baby oil.


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Ok I know what you're talking about because I can NOT apply false lashes on myself lol. I can only apply #20s and now they've become my favorite. But I JUST put on some #7s Friday night (first time I applied a full strip) and I had lash glue still stuck on my lashes after I was done. I just washed my face with some warm water and gently rubbed it on my lids. Glue came off!


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I know Shawna was referring to moving glue from the false lashes but I don't want any confusion. I'm a total worry wart but whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR EYE PLLLLEEEAAASE PLEASE DON'T.

Okay, now that I've said it - definitely oil based cleasers to remove stubborn makeup or in this case glue. Personally I like Pond's Cold Cream, this stuff removes everything


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An oil based makeup remover. If it seriously won't come off, use Ardell's Lash remover, but that is for semi-permanent glue. However it won't irritate your eyes or anything.

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