How would you handle it?


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I was reading the thread "My obsession is _____ and my S.O.'s obsession is _____" and I noticed that a lot of people said that their S.O.'s obsession was video games. I have a question for you.

Lets say you were gone for a week and your S.O. knew you had a bad week. When you finally get to his house does he drop the video game and give you a hug or does he finish his game first? If he picked his game, how would you react?

I just wanted to see if I was in the wrong here.

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If he knows you're there, I think you deserve some kind of acknowledgment. If he knows you're coming over in x time, I don't know why he'd begin playing a video game if it were so important to not stop.


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the video game system would be turned off as soon as he heard me pull in the driveway.. so I don't know how I would react.

If it was a one time deal, I suppose I wouldnt care. I'd just tell him to turn it off, or cuddle up and watch him play.

If he made a habit of doing things like that... then I would be puttin my foot down.


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lol he'd give me a kiss and keep playing if he were playing when i got there, but he never would be. he usually plays when i'm doing something else in the other room.
but yeah, he should def say hi if you haven't seen him in a week & have had a bad week!


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Even if I am not gone but an hour..My husband kisses me b4 I leave the house and everytime I come in...and sometimes with video controller in hand...It does have a pause button as well.


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I didn't think I was overreacting. I just got up and left, went back home. he said I was being immature, which is funny since he was the one too concerned with a video game to tend to real life. sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.
Thank you ladies, I knew I was right for being upset. It made me feel like I wasn't even on his list of priorities, but his video games are. I can understand if he picks his job, his school, his daughter, maybe even his band over time with me, but when a freaking video game has his attention more than I do then we have a problem. I can't put my all into a relationship and get next to nothing in return.


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I would be peeved, but then again, mine does know that I don't like having to compete with video games for his attention. Usually he'll at least pause it to say hi

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