hungover and going out for dinner


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im going out for dinner tonight with my bf and his parents. i only had about 10mins to do my makeup so it doesnt look that great. its also my first time trying out blue e/s so if anyone has got any advice on how to make it look a bit better id really appreciate it! im debating whether im going to buy trio 1 or 2 from heatherette. i only ever wear neutral e/s and i want to start venturing out into different colours but im worried il look silly with blue or pink e/s...

mineralize satinfinish nw20
select moisturecover nc15
mineralize skinfinish natural light
eyebrows lingering
technakohl graphblack
cinique high definition mascara black
warmed msf
aquadisiac e/s
satin taupe e/s
naked lunch e/s
dark edge e/s
cult fave l/g

im not loving my face full on at the moment so excuse all of the side on photos in my fotds




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you look great! Try using a blue base (shadestick, paint or paintpot) to make the colours pop more


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Originally Posted by trollydolly
thanks! i might invest in rollickin' paint pot before it disappears frm the mac website

I love Rollickin', it a great base for soooo many shadows!


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you look gorgeous hun... i used to wear all natural colours too and didnt think i could pull off bright colours, you just need to practise!

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