I am such an idiot. Anyone use MUA?


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I am such a fricken retard. I hate myself right now.
I arranged a swap on MUA. I sent out my package today.
I got this bad feeling, namely because.. the person I was swapping with didn't have any feedback.
I googled their address and the first page to come up is a swaplifting page. They are listed as a stealer.

I've been had.

I want to run to the post office and get my package!! They are already closed.

I am such an idiot. Why didn't I ask for references or check their address BEFORE I sent it?

Is there anything I can do?


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Did you get a delivery confirmation or tracking number? If so, you can possibly intercept the package if you go to the post office and tell them the situation. It may be hard. However, if you don't have any form of tracking number on it, you won't be able to get it back.


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As mentioned above, use the tracking number to stop it. Your order should've had a tracking number.

Yes, I use MUA but not for swapping.
Always check their tokens before anything though, but at least you learned this time
Cheer up, most likely you can stop the package if you tell them that the address of the owner is not right (then send it to your friend's house or something LOLZ)


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If you had gone to the PO before it closed today you would have been able to intercept...But they ship everything out at the end of the day like 6pm and there is no way to intercept the package from that point unless it was shipped registered mail, UPS or Fedex ....YES, I have tried this...not because of swaplifting because I sent a Ebay package out to the wrong buyer....I even voided the label and they still delivered it. Good old USPS....they stated sorry once it's gone it's gone unfortunately....if you put insurance on it you may be able to file a claim

I started using MUA a few weeks ago...But I have had the knowledge of someone that has been on there for years and I have her research every person that I swap with before i agree..I have basically worried the hell out of her...and I know she is reading this now going
It is important to look on SwapTalk and if they have no feedback at all I would not ship first .... Because I am new there..I will not swap with people that do not have more than 50+ positive tokens....because I am asked to ship first.

Holstrom on here can probably give you some more advice...she has always helped me when I had questions about swappers reps here, on MUA or anywhere actually..she is very knowledgeable on this subject so i suggest emailing her as what to do.


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However, you can file charges against the person you shipped to if they do not send out their end.....Please ask Holstrom about this as well


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Aw I'm sorry about that
I always have that fear with swapping, but so far so good.. I did about 4 swaps so far and have received 2 of them. The others are on the way... I did send out pricier things today and I am tomorrow, but I generally trust people. I don't lose trust in people until I do hit a bad corner.... So as for your case, don't worry now, worry once your package doesn't arrive. Maybe they will ship this time?


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Ok thanks everyone.
I found a form online to recall a package. It was sent first class with delivery confirmation.
I am going to fill it out and go to the PO first thing tomorow. Since it's first class it usually takes long then priority so maybe they might be able to catch it since it's a slower process? I dunno.
The rage inside of me wants to spend $300 dollars on a plane ticket just to meet this person. Insane, I know. But that's how I feel right now.
People suck.


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Good Luck ...I really hope it works...it did not for me with simple delivery confirmation. So don't be too upset if it doesn't just file a complaint for theft.


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make sure you report this person on swaptalk and MUA so others are not suckered in....I think I need to not swap there either...I am so nervous about it everytime I do and it shouldn't feel like that! I feel bad for asking a lot of questions...But then I will feel even worse if I am swaplifted from.


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Good luck, SW.

I find the audacity of swaplifters amazing! It really gets me going when I hear about it, it's theft. Do people ever take it to the cops?


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If you swap with someone and they have less or no tokens at all, let them ship first.

If you don't have tokens yourself try to swap with trusted swappers, for instance the ones with more than 50 tokens or so..

I've swapped on MUA several times and so far no problems.
I've had to send first for every item since I'm just starting out.


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I am more convinced to STOP swaps on MUA, never again. Im deleting all my items asap.


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I am doing research on this person and I think I found the girls parents. I am going to give it a few days and then call them. Notify them that their address is being used for mail fraud. Hopefully they can scare their daughter into sending my makeup back. I am also filing a police report, as well as mail fraud to the usps.
This chick is going DOWN!
I'll update if I have any success.

Also, I don't want to discourage people from swapping. Just don't make the mistakes I did. This person saw that I was new and took advantage of me.
It's my own fault for not knowing any better. But hopefully this encourages people to ask questions and for references, form IDs, any sort of thing that makes them identifiable/reputable.

PS- I went to the post office this morning and it costs $25 for them to return your mail. If I wasn't practically pennyless until hubbys next paycheck I would do it. But they also added they can't guarantee they can recall it.


I am so sorry this happened to you. I have had close to 200 swaps & all but one successful. Don't let it put you off, but please tell the other person to ship first if they have less tokens than you. I feel your pain--life isn't supposed to be like that!


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I so sorry to hear about you situation. MUA scares me a lot. I am working on a swap right now and after this one I am not going to do it anymore. It just too nerve wrecking for me. I hope everything works out for you though!


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Solar White I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully this person will send you your items.

I once was ALMOST swaplifted from a TERRIBLE swaplifter on MUA. It turned out that this person lived within a 30 minute radius of my home so I told her that I literally knew where she lived and that if she didn't send my stuff that I would go in person to report her the local police. I got my eye shadow within two days.

If you don't get your items I HIGHLY suggest that you contact the local police. If I wouldn't have received my eye shadow I would have FOR SURE reported her. I think that it is important that these types of people be stopped. I know that the eye shadow only cost $14 so it isn't a terrible loss but that fact is that it is STEALING and stealing is wrong in any way, shape, or form.


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Dos anybody else HATE the layout of MUA?! I signed up years ago and would post the occasional review but stayed away from the forums cos I just got confused by the million and one bunched up threads that all looked like a damn mess!!!

I shut my account in a pissed off rage of frustration but had to flippin' open another one when I realised I couldn't access reviews. Grrr!

I'm really dubious about swapping on there. I prefer Specktra.

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