I feel like such a loser.

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Why is it that I can't get either of the Diana Ross Quads to work for me?

I am midway between a CCC and a DDD. No matter what I do, I end up reaching for my other MAC e/s to tart up the colours from the Quads. Definitely not what I had hoped. Please hip me to any suggestions you may have to make the quads work ( even a weeny bit) for my colouring. Ugh! Fancy , not having a tiny bit of luck with these quads. They look so fab in the cases .
I'd hate to swap them away. I hope you can save these babies for me.



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I didn't buy them, because i didn't like the colors...I knew they wouldn't look good on me.


I didn't get either quad... and I'm usually great with those kinds of colours, too! I was very excited about the bright purple - until I saw it in person.

I just didn't care for the texture on these... most of the colours I was interested in had a chalky matte finish. And the others weren't worth buying the quad for.



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I agree, I wear these colors well, but they looked awful on me, i swapped the one i had for the tempt me quad

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