I go to MAC with a sign that says "SELL ME STUFF"


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Actually, I managed to restrain myself pretty well and it turned out to be a good-sized haul

So I strolled into MAC, intent on buying just Romping and maybe a lipstick. One of the artists came over and we started chatting about the collection. I just have to say this lady was AWESOME!! It turned out she and I had a lot in common when it came to make-up and she had some great suggestions/tips for me.

My love for her aside (lol), this is what I hauled away:


Blue Brown pigment (I was debating a few, but as soon as she swabbed some onto my hand I was sold on this one!)

Untitled paint (the best base I've had yet. It goes on identical to my skin tone and doesn't change the colours of my eyeshadow at all)

Sandy B lipstick (since playing with it at home, I've discovered it's actually quite versatile).

You'd think I'd be satisfied with this $80 haul, but you'd be wrong. Continuing on in the mall, I also ended up with a new pair of false lashes and some Cover Girl 'TruBlend' blush w/minerals (in 425 pure romance) that came with a free brush that turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. Has anyone else tried this blush? I adore it. It goes on light and sheer with a lot of subtle sparkles.

So that's all folks. Sorry I don't have any pics and that I rambled on to make up for it

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