I need a new camera


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While I was taking pics today for my blog and to post my recent haul here. My daughter picked it up when I walked away and dropped it and now its reading lens error. It's a a Nikon Cool pix but now I'm debating what kind of camera to get b/c this one is out of warranty. I would have to replace it myself and now I don't know what to get. I want another Nikon but don't know which one I want. Please help me find a new camera!!!!


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I don't have a Nikon, I have a Canon Powershot and I really love it. The Powershot was recommended to me by a photographer. She has one for fun pics so she doesn't have to lug around her expensive, big one.


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Have you considered stepping up to a DSLR? Even a Nikon D40 can be amazing, and it's so much more versatile than a point and shoot.

I shoot professionally with Nikon, but for putzing around the house (mostly makeup macro shots, haha) I use a Canon Powershot SX20 IS. It's pretty nice, but then again, it's about the size of a consumer level DSLR so not for everyone.


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I have a Nikon DSLR and point and shoot. I've been happy with both but I think if I had to buy a new point and shoot I'd go with the Canon powershot - especially if its between a coolpix and a powershot. I only picked the Nikon because it had the larger screen I wanted at the price point I wanted - which would have costed me $70 more in the powershot but after using my friends Canon - it is a very nice little camera!