I start tomorrow! I need all the advice I can get...


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Hi all! I officially start my new job as a counter manager for Lancome TOMORROW (Sun, Jul 12) and although I am not new to the Beauty Industry, I am new to cosmetics.

As I said in a previous post, I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years salon experience. I would love any advice y'all can give me, and am especially interested in:

*Learning the product before my offical training begins so I don't sound like a total idiot when selling products to people

*Finding "my style" as far as salesmanship goes - how do I sell successfully without being pushy or annoying??

*How do I get through my first few weeks when I really don't know what I'm doing?

*Any tips for beginners on applying makeup to peoples faces? I LOVE applying makeup, and I have been complemented often on my own makeup, but how do I translate that to working on someone elses face?

*Where can I refresh on the basics of makeup application - the right "colors" to use?

*How do I match foundation???? Is it the jawline still, or has that thinking changed??

Thanks all for your help!


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Congrats, you obviously have the knowledge already if you landed a management position! The main tip I have is just to be confident in what you're doing, this will translate to the customer and have any transaction go much smoother. "Fake it till you make it as they say".

As far the other advice, to learn the product I'd suggest first checking out the company's website, both on the retail and corporate levels since they often have different information to pull from. Normally each counter has a product knowledge manual (Mac's is ENORMOUS) so scan over that asap for common ingredients and tips. Check foundations especially for formulations as "oil-free", and suited for specific skintypes as most customers are the most inquisitive regarding skin products.

Your "style" will come naturally with time and know-how. Just be friendly and remember to smile. Try to evaluate each customer as if they were your friend, but don't get overly disappointed if they don't connect right away. Some shoppers are genuinely "Just Looking" and don't want a heavy sales pitch right off the bat...so ask inviting questions.

Application-wise: Always use a mirror and allow your client to see the process. This builds trust and makes it easier for them to replicate it at home. With Lancome, your clientele will more than likely be 30+ age range, so read up on trends for the working woman, trendy stay-at-home mom, etc. Trends for them will more than likely be the work-appropriate look, modern smokey eye, and polished skin. Not as fashion-driven as MAC, yet more adventurous than Bobbi Brown.

Foundation: Match undertones first using tones of neckline/jawline, then depth.

Hope that helps!


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Originally Posted by VintageAqua
Some shoppers are genuinely "Just Looking" and don't want a heavy sales pitch right off the bat...so ask inviting questions.

What examples of "inviting questions" could you give? I DEFINITELY do not want to end up sounding pushy - I personally HATE that approach, and do not respond well to it.

Thank you so much for your advice! I truly appreciate it.


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Congrats on the job girl! The best thing you can do while you are "winging it" is to be bubbly, confident and complimentary! You will come up against some really horrible customers, just remember to be patient. As for the right colors to use, try to go more towards the neutral side. Most customers will not want very extreme makeup (it took me six months to get my mother to buy a bright pink e/s) so keep it to toned down colors unless otherwised asked for. Some inviting questions/comments could be, "Do you need help choosing a color?" or "That color would look amazing with your skintone", things like that. Make sure to let the customer feel like they are in control, if they don't want help, then don't help them. Just be calm and confident, even if you aren't!


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Congratulations on your new job. I LOVE Lancome!

You could try looking on Youtube for Lancome videos (from TV/ promotions not home-made ones), I saw one from a talk show about Cils Booster XL and it convinced me to buy it and I'm sure I could sell it to others now! (but unfortunately I don't work for Lancome... yet). You could engage customers by talking about new products or promotions. Eg. "Hi ladies, have you seen this before?" (Hold up the vibrating/oscillating mascara wand- that will get their attention!) Then you can introduce the product and it's features and benefits and show them the oscillating Cils Booster and ask them if they would like a demonstration. If you have a GWP going, even better! Be friendly and approachable. You want the customers to feel comfortable asking for (or accepting)demonstrations. They may be hesitant about spending $30 on something off the counter, but if you can apply it to them and they can actually see and feel the difference it makes, it may win them over. If they're just browsing and don't seem to want help, you could just discreetly watch them and if they seem to be hovering over a certain item, say a La Laque Fever, you could ask them if they would like you to apply some to their lips. While you do this (if they say yes...) you can tell them about how long-lasting it is, and how you can use it over the top of lipstick, or on its own. Extra points if you use it yourself and can give an example of how well it has worked for you.
Compliments are fantastic, but ONLY if they are sincere. People can see through phony compliments. If you're unsure about applying makeup to others, you could practice on a friend or family member first and pretend they are a customer. They can then give you feedback which can help you improve.
Hope this helps. Enjoy your new job!