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Originally Posted by wifey806
soooo... lol i couldn't wait to find out what brushes u used, and tried to copy u yesterday. let's just say now that i know what brushes you used... um.. i'm going shopping asap! oops!


Hehe sounds like ur gonna have fun shopping! Man now I want to go MAC shopping lol But I am gonna wait till next weekend when I go to Vegas so I can go to the Pro store

Originally Posted by M.A.C. head.
I think I might steal this look for tonight!

It's very pretty and very well blended.

Thanks luv! Have fun tonight!!!


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Originally Posted by ri0tdorque
I went to go look up Stormwatch and could not find it in the shadows is it a special edition? Either way it looks freaking just wonderful I'm trying to think of what I have currently that I could at least do something similar just to try. If ever you feel up to doing a tutorial for this look let me know because I'd love to see how it's done.

I think a good dupe for Stormwatch would be Plumage. It's perm so I don't think you'd have a hard time acquiring this e/s.

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