i think i got a fake mac eyeshadow.


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it was received as an extra in a swap on mua, so i'm not too fussed about it - i just want to know before i decide to use it or swap it away.

i don't have any pot shadows to compare too and my camera is a bit broken, so unfortunately i can't post pictures.

when i put it next to my deep truth (pan) shadow, the mac inprint on the glass seems darker, thicker, and when i put my finger over it i can feel it more than my deep truth one.

on the bottom there is just a small black sticker saying "SWISH" and at the bottom says 683.

on the side of the pot, kind of etched into the side below where the cap joins on, it says MAC three times around the pan. it's not really etched in as it comes out from the pot, not going in.

again, it's not a big deal to me if it's fake, i'd just like to know :)

Is it a screwtop? The older shadows had screwtops with the MAC logo embossed around the sides, & darker, thicker MAC logo's on top.
& The label on the bottom, is it much smaller than normal? My older screwtops have a smaller label, but then, I only have five, so I'm not 100%


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That's exactly right :) But I spoke to a MAC artist on Livechat & also someone called the Pro store for me and it'sconfirmed as real.

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