I want Clinique GWP here in Europe!!!!!!!

Corvs Queen

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So yeah, being American, I know what Clinique GWP are like. They have some cool little goodies and neat-o travel size thingies. Here in Europe though, we don't get GWP. I spend a crap load on Clinique. Mainly my three step and I think that it's crap that 1)They over charge us here in Europe and 2)They don't give a crap about treating us as well as U.S. customers. What gives. Right now on Douglas.de that have a promotion where if you purchase any Clinique product, you receive a free mascara sample. WTF!!!! Are you kidding. I know how GWP are done in America and you offer us a measly little mascara sample??????
I would love it if they would offer us the current GWP that Nordstrom has. But no, once again us ladies in Europe get the shaft. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


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Thats awful...you would think the GWP would apply no matter what country you buy in...as long as it is the same product bought!!


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I hear you. How about I want the Nordstrom specials especially Graphic Garden collection? Uhh what can i say!


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I know what you´re saying. I´m European and I don´t like buying my stuff here, I write massive shopping lists for my trips to the US instead.

And at Sephora you can get loads of samples, whereas at Douglas they give you one lousy fragrance sample even if you spend a lot of money. And if you ask for a specific sample they always act like it´s a great burden to go and get you a sample


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I lived in Europe for a while and I got GWP when I went to the right stores. Even then, that didn't influence where I went shopping because I didn't go shopping to get the samples. I went shopping because I needed/wanted a product that I would have bought anyways.


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I love GWPs. I buy makeup at retail all the time, it's nice to get a little something extra once in a while, considering how much I drop at those counters in a year. It gives me an opportunity to try new products and sometimes I end up buying the full size versions. I don't know what to do with all the bags though, lol, my daughter plays with half of them and I still have a gazillion. The current one at nordies is a good one, and we certainly don't get nice ones like that here. But who am I to complain, its free stuff, they are not obligated to give us anything. It's just a nice perk.


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I feel you! When I was living in Australia, I always got GWP when I went to Clinique counters! I recently got GWP when I bought an Aquasource moisturizer from Biotherm at Sephora. I was given the set of Biosource Aqua Trio in travel size which usually costs 15€ here.

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