I wish....


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I wish Stila would make more shimmer smudgepots-I'd love to see gold, silver, black, and maybe a bright grass green like Clover shadow. I know these would be great additions to my collection.

What are your Stila wishes?


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Oh I *totally* agree with you! While I love the natural look of many of Stila's products, I YEARN for more color!! No more taupe or peach palettes!!! Go grass green!!


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I agree; I'd like to see a collection of smudgepots similar to MAC fluidliners. To be honest I prefer the formula of the smudgepots over the fluidlines, but the color range isn't as wide/fun.

Bring on some more color! Maybe a smudgepot in a color similar to Barefoot Contessa and Pigalle, that would make my day.

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