Ideas please? (I'm a little sad)


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My boyfriend has got to go away for a month, with work. He leaves two weeks today, he gets to go to the maldives lucky so and so. Anyway i need some ideas on something special we can do before he goes. Bearing in mind they cant be too expensive as i have to buy him his birthday present earlier than expected as he'll be away on that aswell and my funds are pretty low at the moment. Oh and any ideas on his birthday present would be good aswell....thanks.


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A romantic dinner would be fantastic!!! Make him something he loves or you both love. Bring some candles and a nice cd, it would be just the beginning of your special night

My bf is also going away for a few weeks at the end of April
. I know how you feel.

Don't worry though! Keep yourself busy and just remember, you're his girl.


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Yeah i was thinking that a nice meal would be the right idea. I'm not looking forward to him leaving, its strange knowing he wont be there if i need him, ahhh i might decorate to keep me busy lol.


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Cook up a romantic dinner, something like pasta light up ur entire apartment with candles and then watch a favorite movie and snuggle. As a going away present you can make a little scrapbook of your recent pictures.

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