If you could have any "super power", what would it be?


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If I could have any super power, it would be to be able to perfectly communicate with anyone/any living creature...what would yours be?


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It depends on how supernatural it can be. If I stay away from the "magical powers that make me able to do absolutely anything" type choices, I would say I'd like to be super intelligent with the ability to read at an amazing speed, read peoples expressions, learn new skills instantly and those types of things.


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I would be able to teleport or the floo powder or whatever it is called on Harry Potter would work. I just would like to be able to travel like that. Spend an afternoon in Paris and then go visit my parents in Iowa for dinner.

Marusia- I love yours! I tell my dog that in my heaven he can talk to me. I hope that is true.


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It would be brilliant to be able to communicate with any living creature!

My first thought when I saw this thread though was that I would want to be able to fly.


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i'd have to be greedy and ask for all the powders that superman has! that would be awesome!


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I would either want to heal like Claire in Heroes, or be a werewolf like Elena in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series (and have the entire set of superpowers that come with that!)


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My boyfriend lives in the UK, I live in the US. Over 3,500 miles of distance...

One word: flight.


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Another vote for being invisible! (Laughing) - I think of Harry Potter and the invisibility cloak! That was just awesome.


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I want to immediately say telekinesis but I think invisibility would work better in my life
There are many times I wish I could just be invisible and no one could bother me, etc. Plus you can be sneaky when sneakiness is needed.


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I would like to have Jedi mind powers: be able to influence people, read minds, have telekinesis, be able to predict the future, and have super speed. But I would also like to have Superman's powers. He is awesome.