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Originally Posted by Lucy In The Sky...
Maybe it's cause I'm in California (southern)where it's ok for people to be who they are.

Lol! I'm from one of the most conservative cities in Southern CA. I don't really care if someone is gay, thats on them. I just don't want to see it. Whatever makes you happy, by all means. <- (Not meant for anyone, just in general)


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Tricked by a movie title? Uh. What about every other movie with anyone gay in it ever? did the titles trick everyone then as well?

Either way, I believe the whole point of the movie was love (whether it be straight or homosexual).

It didnt come here, since we dont really ever get anything besides family movies, but I'll rent it someday.


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lol @ the boondocks strip

i didn't go see it because it just looks like a love story and i get bored easily (lol obviously i know it is about two gay men and them being in love)....but i could care less if the movie is 'pushing the gay agenda' (i never knew ppls sexuality was an agenda) it just seemed boring but now with all this hype i want to go see it just to see what the big deal is

and about the previews not stating it was about homosexuality i call bs in canada one of the previews was a kissing scene on some stairs or something like that

peaches i second this --->[JG & HL kissing & sexing would be hot. ]

barbie_doll_713 i give you props for posting what you really feel i don't agree with any of what you said but props


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I don't really enjoy seeing gay people, but for some reason i would like to see this movie. the gay people you see on MTV dating shows give gay men a bad name (if you ever seen them you know what I mean.. everytime I see a gay one they are so nasty. they talk and act very trashy) IMO. My boyfriend refuses to watch this movie so I might rent it and watch it alone. If the kissing and stuff is too much I'll just fast forward.


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i saw it!!! BUT i walked out of the theatre
i have no problem with homosexuality, i love everyone who's different
but oprah and all the world people (lol oprah, a world person!) said this would be a true love story, but to me it was all sex - and even if it was a man and a woman i woulda left, too much sex doesnt make a good movie! especially when they play it to be a love story - its not! dont go see it in my opinion

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