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Hey just wondering if anyone has ever been to an IMATS event?
what to expect there? how busy is it ? what discounts do you get at each brand ?

I am thinking of going in Nov for the one happening in Toronto.

Do share your feedback




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I've attended two IMATS so far, both in NYC. Discounts will vary brand to brand and you should expect crowds. Especially since the IMATS is open to the public. If there is a brand or product that you are definitely interested in, go to that booth first. I would bring cash because occasionally you will hit a booth that doesn't accept credit or their machines are down. Most of all bring your patience. Hope this helps and most of all have fun.


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I attended IMATS LA this past June and it was crazy! Like DILLIGAF wrote, definitely bring your patience and I also second getting to your favorite product booths first, otherwise the lines will be longer the more you wait and/or the products you want may be sold out.
Some of the more well-known brands, such as MUFE, MAC Pro will have you complete an order sheet, which you hand to one of the employees/reps, and then while they pull your items, you have to get in a separate line to pay for your products.

Haven't checked which brands will exhibit in Toronto, but I can tell you that some of the busiest booths in LA were MUFE, MAC, UD, Inglot, NYX, Sugarpill, and OCC.

Definitely bring snacks with you, too. I got so caught up in checking out products, waiting in lines to purchase my products, and attending workshops, I didn't eat until dinner on both days.


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IMATS Toronto 2013

Not sure if this is the right place, but the presale tickets for November 9/10 IMATS in Toronto just went on sale today! $30 a day or $50 for both. Anyone else going?


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How else is going on here?

I've don a travel advisory post for this year due to the new location and the one going construction.

and my wish list.


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If you are thinking of going in Toronto why don't you hop on a bus and come to NY! NY is getting better and better each year! I also attended IMATS in London which was phenomenal as well!

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