"Incognito is the new COOL..." - well, at least I used to think it.... *waves hello*


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Salutations, EVERYBODY! =D

I've been a member for a while now, forgot I had an account to stalk the boards for when I decided to go to a CCO while building up my humble starter collection, and now I'm addicted. =/

Studying interior design, and it's taking forever, so I try to pretty myself up now to make the time pass easier. I didn't have an older sister, cool mom or aunt, older cousin to look up to or a friend that knew enough to show me what to do. I only grew the gumption to try using brushes for makeup after I took a few art classes required for my program, and the makeup monster was let loose. It's gotten so bad, I'm actually considering persuing a freelance makeup artist job on the side until I finish up schooling for interior design, since it's so hard to get a job without internships, and I'm not quite there yet, but my make up skills are growing exponentially.

I <3 all of the FOTDs here, and it's nice that the internet has allowed me to find people I can politely stalk to learn from. Without people like you, I'd probably still have the same look I had for close to a decade, and I would never have had any guts to try delving into the world of "color".

Hopefully, I'll start a blog of my own w/ FOTDs of my own to contribute, and maybe try the world of Youtube just for kicks. Gotta' pay it forward, especially since not every person out there is blessed with someone to teach them... *cough* - me. =(

I am also a member on MakeupAlley under the same user name. Enough ear chewing. Introduce yourself, and if you don't mind, let me know how you were introduced into the world of makeup!

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and to posting!!!

Your title made me chuckle as it sounds just like something i'd say myself.


As requested, how did I get into makeup.

I was always into face painting as a child because of my involvement in Notting Hill Carnival, my mum always used to buy me those crayon face paints lol. My fascination with makeup grew though due to having to wear a 'full face' for shows and exams at stage school. I remeber one day I thought to myself [during my high school days], I have this makeup here collecting dust [as I only wore makeup for said occassions] and decided i'd start wearing lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara more often.

My first MAC purchase was made at Macy's [I think], I bought Clear Lipglass lol. My first 2 MAC Lipsticks were given to me that same summer of 1999, by my cousin when I was in NY for vacation...Cyber and I can't remember the other one as I lost it [oops!].

Then in 2000 I went to Selfridges MAC counter and purchased Clear Lipglass, followed by several Oyster Girl Lipglass' - I was from then on dubbed 'LipGloss'....the rest as they say is history!!!

Enjoy the forums.

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