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Hey Cuties!

After my last announcement regarding the Color Collections forum being made member-only we, Specktra administration, kept our thinking hats on and decided that we wanted to do MORE to keep the information protected. We think that we made a step forward with closing the Color Collections forum to the public. We also felt that if we kept at it we could figure out a elegant solution that allowed us to still share and be a resource for OLD (think, released collections) MAC Color Collection information for both forum members AND random internet guests.

After working closely together, taking into consideration your feedback from the last change we made, and thinking of what we could do to make the NEW information safe and allow the OLD information to be shared freely - we've decided to add a sub-forum to Color Collections "The Scoop" and place all NEW color collection threads there. This forum will be for logged in users only who have a minimum of 10 posts. We heard you when you said that simply having the forum closed to the public wasn't enough of a deterrent.

Beginning this week, you will want to visit The Scoop as your primary Specktra resource for NEW unreleased MAC Color Collection information.This forum will be visible to logged in members only, will require a minimum of 10 posts to access, and will be tightly moderated and curated by our MAC Chat Forum Moderators. Once a collection has been released to counters the collection thread will be moved to the Color Collection forum. Please note that this does mean we will be making the Color Collection sub-forum of MAC Chat visible to the public again (AFTER we have moved all of the pre-release threads).

We're EXCITED for this change and it's positive impact on both you and our community. As always, we welcome your feedback.

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Quote: Hi all, the promotion to The Scoop is automatic and is granted by the forum software. The promotion may not happen immediately as it is a task that runs on a regular cycle.

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Quote: Moderators and staff do not review content of posts for promotion to the correct usergroup. "" The promotion is automatic once the backend script has ran and promoted the member to the correct usergroup.


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Ok, so it's not just me? I came here to see if increased the post count, but it doesn't look like it.


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There seems to be a technical issue going on since it affects several members. I already notified the staff, so hopefully we'll solve this soon. Thanks for your patience, guys!

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