Is it rare for a guy to be this attractive?


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When I started college about 3 years ago, there was a guy in my class who was attractive to a degree that it was almost a bit overwhelming.
I think that he was about 6'5 tall, overall fit and muscular, and with short dark hair.
I noticed from the very first day during our guided tour around the campus that several girls were smiling at him and whispering about him to each other, and some of them would occasionally try to start conversations with him, and always appear very nervous.
But they started to show interest for real when we had started the first semester;
they went out of their way specifically to flirt with him, and he always had several girls who were around him and competed for his attention, constantly giving him compliments about his looks, finding excuses to touch him, and things like that, and he usually just smiled a bit and looked flattered.
I also saw him make out with various different girls at school, and also sometimes saw him take different girls home to his apartment, since I lived in the same apartment building as him.
They really seemed practically spellbound by him, and would always give him a tender longing gaze when they talked to him, or when they were one of the girls who sat around him while he talked.
It was a little bit like seeing fangirls talk to a male celebrity, except the only reason why they acted that way around him was because of his looks.

I found it quite intriguing how they showed these strong reactions around him, and I was a bit curious what you thought about this.

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