Is make-up a mask?


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Hello ladies! I'm writing an article for a beauty blog about make-up, about whether it is a mask or not. It tends to be make-up haters and men who have this opinion, but what is yours?

Is it a cover-up for my insecurities? Partly, I'd say. I feel prettier with it, because I feel prettier I feel more self assured so I'm more fun to be around - which I'd say is better for everyone, no?

I've been told by a coworker that I don't dare to show myself, that it's hiding the real me and whatnot... I think it is showing me. This is what I love. When I've got spare time I put on make-up, because I think it's fun! The real me is about fun.

What is your take? Have people been abusive towards you about it? How do you handle those nay-sayers? Very interested!


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I'm sure for some, makeup is related to insecurities. For me, it's not gilding the lily or trying to hid anything --- it's pure fun. I can confidently walk around without it.


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For me, it's two things: at work, it's most definitely a mask. I think of it as corporate armor. I work in a stressful place, and having a face on reminds me to be the professional I look like (in other words, I act pulled together when I look that way). The other days, it's pure fun.

I always feel like I should put on a face when I go out in public, but it's just because I have so much makeup, not because I feel I have to wear it to be acceptable. I wish that all people would just do whatever made them feel best, like the OP said. When I feel good, I act nicely and am more pleasant to be around, made up or not. But a little makeup makes me feel good, so why not?


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In some ways, I see it as an extension of getting dressed and as such don't get why people are so worried about what others are wearing. I wear makeup much more than I used to because I believe it presents my best self. When I leave the house I do not wear sweats or dress like a bum, but I will occasionally leave without makeup. It's not because I look terrible without it, it's because I look so much better with it. All that said, I tend to wear natural/neutral makeup looks to enhance. I think more extreme looks are when people start using the term "mask".


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In my article I came to the conclusion, fuck dem nay-sayers, do whatever you feel good in and comfortable with. You can't please them all, and I say that when it's about your looks, you're the only one you should have to please (and okay, maybe your boss if you're all about piercings, hair and tattoos, but whatevs :D). I'm such a chaotic writer though, I need to write everything down in steps. I wanted to write down counter-arguments of the haters, but I got frustrated and already started slamming down their stupid arguments, lol. Saying that we're not pieces of art, blank canvases to work on, that we're already finished... Man, bullshit. They'd prefer a girl with natural make-up anytime over a girl without anything on, I bet! It's such white knighting. "Girls are most beautiful without make-up on" and then they ask us if we're feeling sick or haven't slept when we don't wear anything. That's the usual question I get. I've stopped wearing make-up at work for that reason, get used to my real face, mothafuckas!


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Not for me! I honestly enjoy the process of applying makeup it's very relaxing to me :)


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I guess yes, I am not a makeup hater but I am also not a makeup user. Observing some other girls using it, some uses it to enhance their beauty while some use it to hide their imperfections.

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