Is my BE mineral lipstick causing this?

Dani California

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Hi guys.

Haven't been on here for a while, but was reading all the threads. I have been getting little cysts in my mouth and lips, the doctor says perfectly harmless, but reading up on mineral make up, I was wondering if my Bare Minerals lipstick could cause this?

Has anyone else had this? What did you do?#

If anyone has any info that would be great

Thank you in advance!


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I doubt it. Have you asked your doctor what could cause them? Try to look up what is in the lipstick-- and see if any of those minerals can cause it.

Otherwise, stop using it and see if they disappear or improve!

Good Luck!


Are there lip products that you have used that did not cause this, that you can look up the ingredients for, just to compare? Maybe the BE lipstick has something new that you get a reaction to. I have heard before people having issues with beeswax, it clogging pores around the mouth. Of course beeswax is in a ton of lip products, so perhaps you would have already encountered this issue if this was the case.
I also have known people who have had a reaction to castor oil, but I think that was more redness and burning rather than cysts, but you never know, everyone reacts differently.

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