Is Saint Germain discontinued?


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^asked and answered


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It's available online, and isn't in the "Goodbyes" section. It's a MAC Store Only color, so if you go to Macy's, Nordstrom, etc, you're not going to find it unless it's promoted with a collection.


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I saw it at the counters recently, and I asked the ladies about it. They said they don't know anything that is being discontinued =]


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It gets re-promoted every 6 months or so, I wouldn't worry too much. I am not sure it was permanent but came out with Euristocrats I think. VG GAGA 1 is quite similar and still available.


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Nope! Saint germain is going strong as ever and now has a permanent matching lipgloss and nail varnish (might be different in some territories though)

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