items you're happy or confused about why they're discontinuing


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I will definitely miss the moisture cover! I hope they replace with something better. The longwear concealer seems promising. I know the fresco rose PP is discontinued but I was able to snag one at mac counter in macys. They had a ton of them still!


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Fresco rose is DC'ed? I saw it in a MAC store this saturday.

I never was very into slimshines, but i have one that I like: Bare.


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I'm confused about the Volcanic Ash exfoliater, I know it was LE but it was so popular you'd think that they'd keep it around for a little bit longer


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Also sad about the the slimshines! I actually quite liked them


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I´m confused about the most recent discontinued e/s; Hepcat? I thought it was very popular! Bisque? A creamy nude with pink undertones, that one is almost a must for a lot of people. (I use Brule though because I´ll got a warm skincolour. But for people with cold undertones, it´s freaking perfect!) Shimmermoss: I KNOW a lot of people love this eyeshadow. I prefer Steamy, but Shimmermoss is good too. Prussian: Why MAC? This e/s is so pretty! I don´t have it, but I know where I still can get it. I must hurry! Romp? I simply don´t understand... Juxt? It´s so freaking pretty!! Aarghh!! The only e/s I can understand why it´s DC´ed is Hush. I think it´s a little bit boring.


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I prefer Steamy over Shimmermoss too but Shimmermoss was such a cute shade as well! here in Italy is still alavaible (we don't get updates on stuff... when they are gone, are gone, when they are made permanent... we simply discover them in stores).

I discovered Prussian too late... too bad that one is not alavaible even here anymore...


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what i dont get is that they are discontinuing regular eyeshadows with out adding new ones to the permanent collection. we are due some new shadows. i dont want prolongwear or other formulas i want regular pots. a collection like creamsheen pearl but of shadows would be awesome!!!


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Why did they DC'd the 222 brush!!! I like it way better than the 224 and it allowed for more precise placement and blending.


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I'm confused about Hepcat and BBQ lip liner. I wish I'd bought more than just one back up of BBQ.

Edit: Oh, and Loverush blush! Such a pretty color.


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I'm also confused about Hepcat. It's a beautiful colour - just pink enough to not be burgundy. Seems like a shame that they'd get rid of it!


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Happy about: Sheen supremes, they always bugged me idk why! Confused about: Seedy pearl and crystal, they both are soo gorgeous, like at least leave us with ONE!


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there was this blush called 'Bardot' ages ago (kind of similar to harmony),
I still can't get it why they don't do anymore, such a shame ;/
btw, I wonder if anyone else in here liked it as well :D

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