JOHN FRIEDA'S Got You Covered For Winter Hair!


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WARNING: WINTER IS COMING… and so is winter hair.

But have no fear!

John Frieda’s Wonder Drops are here to save your hair from all winter-related ailments including:

Dull hair, frizzy hair and split ends!

For dull hair…​

John Frieda Vibrancy Enhancing Wonder Drops ($2.47; This illuminating mask is formulated with moisturizing Babassu Oil to quench dull, color-treated hair, leaving it vibrant and shining even after the coldest of winter days!


For frizzy hair…​

John Frieda Frizz Smoothing Wonder Drops ($2.47; You’ll no longer have to choose between a good hair day and staying warm when using this mask. Infused with Avocado Oil, it transforms frizzy, unruly hair to create smooth, in-control style – even after the hat comes off!


For split ends…​

John Frieda Damage Repairing Wonder Drops ($2.47, Rich in Vitamin E Oil, this nourishing mask restores strength to damaged, breakage-prone hair, keeping it healthy all winter long!

And for you blondies…​

John Frieda Blonde Brightening Wonder Drops ($2.47, To keep your blonde hair shining, this powerful mask harnesses the power of grapeseed oil to turn dull, faded hair into a brighter blonde look.