Joining the Rainbow Brigade!--Rainbow Eyes on My Little Friend


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When I was looking at the photos of FOTD today, I came upon some rainbow eyes. The little eyes looking over my shoulder went berserk. I was cajoled, begged, and pleaded with to do a new kind of rainbow eye on her.

It did not take much twisting of the arms, but I got it done. We hardly ever get to do anything like this, so I thought it might be fun.

We had such fun putting hair on her and having a little photo session. She is a natural model, but I was amazed at how this photos came out.

So, I am putting these up here for the rainbow sake- this is MY take on the rainbow eyes this week- just not on me this time. And now, my little client is playing in the mud- HAHAHAHa

Typical, eh?

Here are the colors I remember using.

Non conformist FL
Waveline FL
Royal Wink FL
Frostlite FL
Delineate FL
Colour Dose Serenity (Lancome)
Colour Dose Cape Ivy (Lancome)
Colour Dose Maupiti (Lancome)

Bright Fuchsia MAC
Red Matte MAC
Electric Coral MAC
Blitz (Bombshell Bath now fryinnae)
Neon YEllow(Sweetscents)
Chartreuse MAC
Couture (BSB now Fryinnae)
Sea Sprite(BSB now Fryinnae)
Star Powder #906 (Makeup Forever)
Cobalt Blue (sweetscents)
Grape MAC
Purple Shimmer (Sweetscents)

Black Track FL inner rims and upper lashline

Pink Shock CCB

Magenta liner MAC
Vegas Volt l/s MAC
Psychedelic EL 3D holographic gloss



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LOL! Oh man they mustve had so much fun when you did their faces for them
They're prettiful!


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that looks so beautiful, the model and the make up alike!

i love the idea of doing red on eye, ending with violet on the other


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Originally Posted by MacVirgin
lol!! awwww! the last pic is my fav. with her own hair. She looks like a lil fairy

Me too. She chose the other hair to have fun with, but I made sure to snap a photo of her with it off too.


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Ha Ha That is sooo cute!!!!!! Love the modeling, they look adorable. Thats a cute rainbow too, i like your take on it.


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aww shes so cute... I bet she loved having ranbow eyes! I love teh last pic of her, I agree with mac virgin she looks like a fairy!

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