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MAC Wishlist! Post cards, lipstick, & vintage stuff

Hi All! I am looking for a few products and would love if any of you could help me out. Shipping would be to the US (zip code 98052).

--Any old school/vintage Urban Decay packaging (I'm talking early/mid-90s)
--Any old school/vintage Smashbox packaging (I'm talking the old logo/mid/early 90s)
--Pretty Kitty Post card from waaaaaaay back in the day (any condition)
--Lip 65 Lipglass (as new as possible)
--Flair for Finery Creamsheen
--Prabal Gurung lipsticks (any condition any color)
--Dita Von Teese lipstick (any condition)

I will add more later but these are the ones I am dying for right now. Thank you in advance for your help. :)
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Are you still looking for the Mariah Carey 239 brush? I have it.

I also know someone who is selling Pleasurebomb - used 3x and selling for $28 plus shipping.

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Pm'd you!

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