Lancome Courbe VIRTUOSE mascara???


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Has anyone tried this yet? I just saw the ad in the Oct issue of SELF. the ad and those lashes make me say, "I'm SOLD!" =) TIA.


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I bought mine off ebay a month or so ago and it's actually my favorite mascara as of right now. I can get tons of length and volume w/ just one coat. It holds curl well too, though I've never had a problem w/ other mascaras holding curl.


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My eyelashes are really thick, but really straight and stubborn, and this mascara works great for me.

However, you're gonna need to use an eyelash curler anyway. The wand itself barely does anything at all.

Still, it does what I want it to do (holds a curl without getting all crispy on my eyelashes when it dries).


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I got mine for more than one month,
and it's a really nice mascara for me.:yes:
It doesn't smudge,
and holds the curl all day long.


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I thought it might help to do a picture of my eyelashes the way I do them with Courbe Virtuose. It looks really dynamite in person, but photos can't really do it justice. Still, though it would give you the general idea:


Here's how I get that result:
- Curl my eyelashes with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler
- Apply Shiseido mascara base
- Apply a couple coats of Courbe Virtuose
- Comb lashes with a cleaned-off Lash Exact brush

That last step is important, because it helps separate the lashes better (Courbe can get a bit clumpy sometimes). I simply took an old tube of Lash Exact, cleaned all the mascara out of the brush, and that's my lash comb now. It works! I wish one of these companies would just release that type of brush by itself. They sell mascara spoolies by themselves, why not one of those awesome brushes??

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