lash extensions-how are they attached?


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HI! do they use glue ? and how close to your natural lashes are they?
Personal experiences?


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Yes they use glue.. they are attached to a single lash (usually not ALL of them though). I wouldn't do it again. I got them done at a salon in Beverly Hills (i think Lindsay lohan went there too) in summer 05 when they were really popular. It takes a long time (hour or two) My lashes looked long but they didn't really look very thick. I like my lashes to look dramatic. It was also difficult to wash my face/take off makeup because I was scared to rub my eyes. The lashes fall off naturally and mine were pretty much gone within 3 weeks. So, I wouldn't do it again. hope this helps!


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I've never had the high end kind, but when I'm in the mood I use the clustered ones, It's like 3-5 hairs on a thing and then you glue a few to each eye. They're pretty difficult to put on yourself since they're so small and you have to put it as close to the lash line as possible, which is hard to see since your eye is under your Some salons will put them on for you, I know of one in Sanford that does it for like $20 (I saw that you're from Orlando too). They do fall off a lot and it is kinda hard to take off eye makeup, but I think they look pretty. People said they couldn't really notice when I wore them, but when I took them off they could definitely see a difference.


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Ooh I got taught how to do this while I was learning in a course

Yup it's glue. From what I remember, there are several types for you to choose from... hopefully meaning that you would be able to find something that's close to your natural lashes- or not

They get glued to every few lashes all the way across as someone has already said. The 'roots' of the fake ones are supposed to sit pretty much at the roots of your natural ones.

I was someone's model as they were learning... As pretty as they looked, they weren't practical lol. It was a pain, and my eyes are pretty sensitive and get itchy really easily! Soo they weren't really for me... Taking them off/getting them removed was even more of a pain

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