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Hi all! I'm asian with super short lashes, and my monolids make them look much shorter! I'm looking for a mascara (drugstore if possible) that will lengthen my lashes. This is more important to me than volume, lol. thnx!


The L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes has been working pretty well for me as far as lengthening goes. My favourite mascara is probably from Mary Kay, it adds lots of length and doesn't clump.


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With an eyelash curler -- I use Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara in Rich Black (not the waterproof one).

-- I have slight monolids & uneven lash lengths on BOTH eyes.

(my mom decided to "trim" my lashes when I was younger. =P)



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hmm..i have the lash stilleto by maybelline..it's ok, rimmels lash extender? i like that one better than stilleto...but my favorite is actually from kohls...it's american beauty waterproof mascara...it's not for lenghtening...but it actually does that and hold my curled lashes rather than pulling them down like all the other mascaras i have ...i am also asian and have to curl my lashes

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