Lip mask!


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Any one have any good home remedy (is that the right word) to make an exfoliating lip mask? My lips are super flakey all of a sudden and nothing is working!
I've did vasaline and big chunky salt, but that didn't work for me.

Anyone got any good recipes?



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I use vaseline on a toothbrush. Also crushed strawberry and sugar mixed together as a exfoliant.


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I second the crushed strawberry/sugar remedy. It makes a kind of paste that you can rub on your lips as an exfoliant.

Also, try lightly scrubbing your lips with a damp toothbrush after your brush your teeth every morning or evening. This will slough away the dead skin cells.


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Rather than a lip mask...

These two have always worked for me, as I get super amazingly ridiculously pain-in-the-assly dried lips, especially in the winter.

1. Aquaphor
it's kind of like vaseline, but for me absorbs and softens my lips way better than vaseline ever did. It's also inexpensive and easy to find, and great to have on hand anyway for the occasional dry skin patch...or dry feet, elbows, etc.

2. This is by a company called Vichy Laboratoires. It's called Nutrilogie Levres, intensive care for dried out lips. I just recently got this at a CVS (pharmacy) for $11, and it's the best $11 I've spent so far this season. I put it on before bed every night. I like it even more than the Aquaphor; it's lighter but seems to deeply moisturize even better and more quickly. I now put this on (a little heavy) every night before bed and then gently slough off my lips in the morning. It's worked like a charm.


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brown sugar, granulated sugar, kosher salt, mixed with a bit of olive oil. It what I use as a body scrub during the summer and it's great for your lips too.


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I just rub my lips lightly with a wet washcloth while in the shower, after the water's run for a while and they've had time to soften up a bit. Then apply vaseline, aquaphor or some other really emollient product before you go to bed and leave it on.

I have not tried the strawberry sugar scrub but I've heard it works great as a exfolliant for lips, and tasty too.

Love Always Ivy

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i find that putting on vaseline overnight on my lips then "brushing" wth my finger get all the flakies off. sometimes even slicking on some lipglass then in an hour or two wipe my lips down, all the flakes fall off with the lipglass.


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i wet my lips and then i scrub my lips gently with a wet toothbrush.
i wipe my lips dry then apply a very thick amount of carmex (my favorite) before going to bed....

it seems to cure my horrible dry/flaking lip problem...