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Im pretty sure this is right place to post this, if not, please feel free to move it.


I was messing about with Makeup one night and come up with this look, my Husband just bought himself a new DSLR camera and took this shot. It's a one in a million as I am so unphotogenic. I use it everywhere lol.

I wasn't wearing any lippie at the time so I just chose a random red colour and 'painted' it on in Photoshop. I really like the way it turned out and I was hoping someone could help me find a colour which looks like it?

It dosen't necessarily have to be MAC or any other high end brand, just something close to it will do



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I'd go for Russian Red from MAC too, maybe NARS Red Lizard, which is less matte.

For a glossier look go for MAC Red


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I'd suggest trying MAC Ruby Woo, which is an intense matte red.
Russian Red, another matte red from MAC, is worth a try, but, at least on me, it comes out a sort of berry red.
BTW, I agree that a dramatic red lip is a great look on you; you have the full lips and balanced features to pull it off!

Another one that I'll bet you'd love is Classic Dame Mattene, from MAC, if you can find it; it's a past LE, but some tubes might still be floating around.

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