Lipstick to pair with MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment?


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I am looking for a recommendation on what MAC lipstick to pair with Copper Sparkle pigment.

Anything pink-hued or plum-hued looks hideous with it, at least on me, anyway.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I'd go for a neutral or slightly colored: try Underplay or Honeyflower. If you prefer a bolder color, "O" is great (but on some people turns plummish)!


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You can try instand gold gloss w/ whirl lipliner or just the gloss by itself.

I personally LOVE "craving" lipstick by MAC. I use it with the burgundy lipliner. Feel free to add some gloss just in the middle of your lip (cupid's bow & on your bottom lip below your cupids bow; this will give you more of a pouty look)

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