look!! I met Velvet Revolver! W00T!

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Ok I had the most amazing time! Seriously, the best concert ever, I'm still buzzing from it now!

The Meet & Greet

I got to the arena just after 4 and joined the M&G queue and I waited til after 4:30 to be let in, and get my envelope which contained the backstage pass laminate, a photograph and guitar picks. Then I was sent to another room with the fans waiting for VR to turn up and we listened to a band called JP doing warm up and sound checks. We were then let onto the balcony and watched JP do the sound check then Matt Sorum (the drummer of VR) turned up with his stunning girlfriend Ace, so he watched JP with us and having friendly banter with the band as well as chatting to us fans too, he's awesome

Finally it was time to meet Velvet Revolver so Duff, Slash, Matt & Dave turned up (Scott Weiland wasn't there as he never do M&Gs) and i was like
at meeting the guys in person, i mean it's one thing watching them do TV interviews as such but when you're face to face, it's surreal!

I was the second person going up but prior to that I was standing by the pillar and Matt looked at me, (he had a cheeky face on lol) and made me laugh when he said Hi
Anyways, went to meet them and spent 2 minutes teaching Matt how to spell my name
bless him, talked to Duff & Slash and they noticed my hearing aids and talked a bit about that (they were surprised at my speech) said Hi to Dave as well then Duff stuck his hand out, grabbed my hand and shook it, i was a bit taken aback
. Had my picture taken with them (waiting for the picture to arrive) and then went to join the queue to get into the arena.

this is what I got from the M&G


Got this especially signed


The Concert

The people who paid for the M&G get let into the arena first so I legged it to the stage with a girl i chatted to in line, and I was front and center of the barrier as well, best views in the house. The support band came on, there were two, one called JP and the other called Pearl, they were good but the music was too loud for the vocals.

Velvet Revolver came on about 9:30 (nearly an hour wait) and started the show, they were amazing, did a few songs from their two albums and then sang three GNR songs which was Mr Brownstone, It's So Easy and Patience.

ladies...i had Scott Weiland and Slash sweat on me! Halfway through the performance, Scott stood on the barrier right next to me, and I'm
Holy....Shit! *screams*

Unfortunately, being at the front involved being severely crushed, i couldn't breathe, had my head kicked a few time (crowd surfers), i got elbowed in the back, shoulders & ribs, feet trodden on and I was pressed against the barriers. I swear I lost weight due to the amount of sweating I did and being crushed

But for that concert, it was worth coming out bruised. Here's some of my photos

This guy (in JP) was strutting around and making facial expression, he was behaving like the young Mick Jagger lol


my favourite photo - going to have this one blown up into a big poster



His awesome double guitar


This was when Scott stood really close to me, thought I'd post it as a few ladies on here likes him



Duff - my favourite member, he is so awesome (and sexy too!) I love his accent as well (he's from Seattle)


This is the stage, and taken without zoom just to show how close i was to them


Velvet Revolver didn't finish until gone 11:30pm, and i finally got out at midnight (due to crowds and finding security to give me my camera back, I brought two cameras in case one was taken off me
) Took loads of photos


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What an amazing experience! You are one lucky gal.. so glad you had an awesome time and good for you for getting such awesome pics.. memories forever!

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my picture turned up today!


I'm also sad because Scott Weiland apparently is leaving the bad, boy am i glad to have seen VR in time


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Wow, that picture of Slash is incredible, and I've had a crush on Duff since I was in high school (GnR days). He's sooooo cute!

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