Looking for a body bronzer for a photo shoot


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Hi, I have a photo shoot in 2 days and won't have time to order a body bronzer online, so I am looking for a good one that would be available in stores, that would make me look darker and brown. What would you recommend?



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believe it or noth SevenNyne... lindsay lohan's bronzer.
It's actually really nice and natural looking (obviously Lindsay doesnt use it herself!) I would suggest the lotion/cream as oppose to the spray as its difficult to get even on yourself.
Its available at Sephoras.
My pale friend used it and it gave her a natural subtile tan


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I might be "old school", and a bit older. But I always take my favorite non fragrant body lotion and a bronzing powder mixing really well and putting it on. Then using mac transparent powder to somewhat seal the color.

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