Looking for a few blush recommendations?


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So... I will admit that, as a new MAC Addict, I only own two blushes (I have a covergirl one somewhere too, that I bought for my high school graduation four and a half years ago =/) - which happen to be the two BPB's that came with the Hello Kitty collection. If nothing else, Hello Kitty helped me jumpstart my collection lol.

Anyway, I need a couple recommendations for blushes that I should look into? I'm a pale NC15 (NC15 in studio sculpt is more or less perfect, my Studio Fix is slightly too dark but blends in okay if I work it), blonde hair blue eyes. Also, they don't necessarily have to be MAC, but preferrably something that's easily accessible here in the UK (and not in London)

Thanks ladies! xxx


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Dollymix, margin, peachykeen, springsheen, sunbasque, melba, Dainty minerlize blusher, sweet william creme blush are a few MAC blushes

Check NARS and Benefit as well, they have a nice selection too.

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i just bought moonriver from the grand duos collection and it is so gorgeous on fair skin, so glowy and peachy i bet it would look great on you!!!


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Thanks for the suggestions you guys! I'll definitely have to look into them =]

@kittykit: I totally wanted the Blonde MSF but missed it and it's sold out ;.; The rest I'll have a look at though, thank you!

@girl about town: That's the one thing from the grand duos collection I wanted <3 I ordered one when I ordered my HK but I wound up ordering Grand Duo instead of Moon River (which is a decent plum I guess, but really pigmented so I have to be very careful with it - oh, so I lied, I had three blushes lol). But I didn't want to return it cuz it IS pretty. Moon River is at the top of my To Buy list though... I just have to try to slot it into my Sugarsweet list, which is huge. Sigh.

Haha once again thanks so much girls =]


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Mac Pinch O peach, Mac Dainty, Mac Ladyblush, Nars Deep throat, Boots 17 Bramble Frost (love this!)

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