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Exercise daily and eat healthy and nutritious food. These are the common steps in losing weight. Always eat in moderation and make sure that you always burn the calorie that you have eaten. Surgery may be required especially in severe cases of obesity. But surgery may not be enough you still need to change your lifestyle. Always have a healthy lifestyle.
Yes, I completely agreed with you, without any exercise and healthy food we can't able to lose weight.


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One year later...

No pain no gain.

Wrong. If you push yourself in your workouts to the point of pain you can injure yourself and set yourself back in your progress and goals. You can push to a point of discomfort but you should never push to a point of pain.

1. Don't skip breakfast

Not necessarily. There are some people who need to eat breakfast; there are others who can get by with a cup of coffee or tea and eat a larger meal later.

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Not necessarily. There are some people who need to eat breakfast; there are others who can get by with a cup of coffee or tea and eat a larger meal later.
exactly! i skip breakfast and enjoy fasting for a long period (from dinner time till next day lunchtime)
a rough estimate shows that I eating 1/3 less calories per day now haha


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Being vegan has helped me reduced weight in a good way. I have never felt this good about myself and I also do yoga every morning. It really helps a lot.
I have always struggle to lose weight and i can say that making a few lifestyle changes are a great contributing factor in your weight loss journey. Cut down excess sugars in your diet and take out 1 hour from your routine to work out. I have also seen good results with apple cider vinegar drink, having it on an empty stomach will help you in your weight loss journey. One of the best apple cider vinegar that i have tried is by Kapiva it is made from himalayan apples and has so many health benefits. Do try it out and let me know how was your experience.
Losing weight is not easy. You need to do regular exercises and eat healthy and nutritious food. The most natural way to lose weight is by eating fruits and vegetables. Having a glass of vegetable and fruit juice is a good form of exercise. It has a lot of vitamins that are good for you and will make you feel full without consuming too many calories.


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How do you it? Do you mind sharing some more details?
Upper body strength has always been my weakness and I’ve been thinking that I want to be strong enough to pull myself up in an emergency. At the moment reading this blog https://betterme.world/articles/how-to-start-calisthenics/. That may sound like a weird reason, but I think it would be super cool and feel satisfying to know I could fully handle my own body weight and have that kind of control over it.
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exercise and diet is still the best way. if you want fast results, try the Keto diet
I should say, this is great advice. I needed to lose weight. Everyone knows that a combination of diet and exercise works the best, but when I added Keto, the process fastened almost at once. However, I also buy wegovy online which helps people like me who have faced weight-related health issues.
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