Losing a friend.


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Disclaimer: I understand that this has nothing to do with make-up however I'm practically soooo distraught and really upset right now, I don't feel like discussing cosmetics atm :/ - which is the first for me but please respect this thread and I will get on with make-up related posts soon guys.

Yesterday I found out that an old work mate and best friend of mine had passed away, having a heart attack at work which is so unexpected!
I'm so torn up over it, she was only in her early fifty and fair enough was on the larger side however she was a good eater, she prob ate better on my self and rarely gorged on junk.
Fair enough I had only known for four years but we were literally so close, she was my second mum.
We would always be laughing and joking behind our counter not to menton gossip- we did like to natter.
And when I was being bullied by management, which left my prompt leaving into unemployment, she was respectful and supportive of the risk I was taking, unlike the majority of people who criticised or kinda told me that I was being stupid for leaving a job in this failing economy.... she was soo supportive.
I got her number and she always use to text me, ask how I was getting on and when I had an interview she always use to give me encouragment.
Then last week, I visited my old work place and get some shopping - I worked at Waitrose supermarket by the way and she was soooo healthy and fine, I didn't chat long but the last thing I said to her was .... 'I'll text you later',,,,,,, I never did.
Infact browsing through my phone last night, whilst I couldn't sleep, tormented by the thoughts that I would never, EVER see her delightful face again....I realised that last conversation we had was the 21st July, where she was updating me on her life at Waitrose.
I feel so much regret for not even texting when I said cos now I don't have that opportunity ever again.
She has practically left the physical plane however my memories of her will always stay in my head and Ill never forget how amazing she was and the four short years we spent together.
I really miss her.
Rest in Peace Rose.
I miss you so much and I'm torn up about your sudden departure..

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