Lots of new UD!!


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I got two of the shadows in the mail today-- Fishnet and Honey... and I have to say I'm pretty disapointed in the packaging. The artwork is really gorgeous but I was under the impression that it was printed on the lid of the compact. But it's actually a little cardboard/paper thing in between the lid and a layer of acrylic. It's kind of hard to explain what I mean, but it looks cheap, like a kid's toy or something-- something you'd get out of one of those vending machines they have at the grocery store with like bouncy-balls and gum and cheap plastic trinkets.

For the price I had expected something a little more luxe. Silkscreened on metal or even plastic-- but not just printed on cardboard in between two pieces of plastic. They look nice from the top-- but then you look at them from the side-- you see the edge of the paper and then just clear plastic.

However, the quality of the shadow itself is great. I took one look at Fishnet and said "oh, no way am I going to be able to wear this color." Because it's not a purple at all-- it's magenta with bluish duochrome. And magenta looks HORRIBLE on me. But I put some on over the taupe shadow I was already wearing-- and it showed up a nice intense purple-- not magenta at all. And the texture and pigmentation are amazing. I haven't worn Honey yet, but it's a gorgeous dirty yellow gold-- I love golds, and it's different from any other gold I have.

Overall I would have to say that I DO like these. I will probably buy a few more, although I'm waiting to hear what people think of the other shades. I think that as long as you're not buying these for the packaging alone, you won't be disapointed.


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Originally Posted by xiahe
i was looking @ their new eyeliner (the 24/7 glide-on pencil)...does it *really* stay on for hours and hours? i'm still searching for that HG eyeliner...nothing seems to work.

I got two of these and they stayed mostly on through a hand scrubbing, so I think they'd stay for awhile considering they're water proof. They're so soft and creamy, but its a little steep for a pencil I think.


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Originally Posted by moonrevel
It's very nice, though it is definitely not a true red. It's more of a rosy red, I'd say...lighter than UD's Gash, perhaps closer to Ruby Red Pigment but a touch more orange. Hahah, did that make any sense?

LOL yeah it does!
I finaly picked up Heat today, it was the last one left at the Columbia Mall Sephora, and I'm SO glad I got it! It's absolutely gorgeous with golds & oranges