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"Love that old gold" tutorial (my 1st - pic heavy!)


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Beautiful as always! A great tut.. can't wait to try it


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Wow, I love this tutorial. I haven't used old gold too much because I didn't know what to pair it with. I'll have to dig it out and try this look out! Thanks!!!


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This is so wonderful and helpful. I am glad to have all the eye colors you used so I will definitaly try it :-D Love the combo! The glow on your cheeks is incredible... Thank you :-D YOu are so cute :-D


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I love this look! I would never have thought of pairing old gold with teal but can't wait to give it a go!


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Hooray for your first tutorial!
Thanks for sharing it with us!

(i love those colors together, you get an A+!)


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wow! you are gorgeous and this look is amazing on you! i've been wanting to get old gold pigment (i rely on sample jars too cos i'm not really a huuuge pigment fan and really haven't got the funds to spend on full sized jars) and was hesitating. but now i think i will get it! you really make it look lovely.

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