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LUSH: Buttercream- general review (soap)


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Overall Rating: 3.5
Price [Value]: 3
Packaging Quality: 3
Would you buy this product again? Yes

General Comments on this product:

I love them. I find that they vary a LOT in texture, and I prefer the softer ones (which for me have been lemslip and heavenly bodies, I've not tried all the regular catalog ones yet) to the more soaplike ones (like ring of roses). I've not had any issue with them molding, and it's been nigh on four months since I bought mine. I kept mine in the fridge, taking small amounts off into empty bio-fresh containers to keep in the bathroom every week or so. I've had no problem with molding on either the larger cuts in the fridge, or the smaller ones in the bathroom. I probably wouldn't keep them in the fridge if I lived closer to a store and could buy more often, and if I didn't have a small bar-fridge in my room for bio-fresh and food for my fish. I had a few small petals on my ROR, but took them off because I saw no purpose in keeping them there. Lemslip still has it's lemon rind, and it's not caused any harm (yet).

I find the softer ones have a texture similar to... cream cheese? That's the best way I can put it I think. The harder more soaplike ones are like Dove soap in texture. I find that the more soaplike ones lather the most, but the softer ones do lather as well. I'm not stuck on lather though- as a long time sensitive skin gal I've had my share of non-foaming skin cleansers like cetaphil, so I know that lather does not equal cleaning.

Lemslip is a regular facewash for both my boyfriend and I, particularly pre/post bio-fresh (you need something to get the cupcake residue off!) or to get makeup off at the end of the day. Mixing lemslip with Angels on Bare Skin has been wonderful for me so far too.

I prefer these to regular soap as I can portion it out much more easily, don't lose as much down the drain from excess lather/water running over something in the shower, and can mix it with other products as I see fit to create custom-products. They are much more economical for me than LUSH soaps, and much kinder to my skin. They clean my skin perfectly, better than many of the soaps that I used to use (sensitive skin that doesn't take well to anything other than Dove, or these, really). I hope these stick around, and perhaps expand (I'd love to see a lavendar and a mint based one, or lavendar mint!) as a line.