MAC 239 for applying shadow?


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as much as I love MAC, I've seen too many dupes of the 239 to actually buy it! I have 3 or 4 of the Loew&Cornell's Maxine's Mop 5/8" from Michael's that work perfectly fine for me! you might want to check them out as well!


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Originally Posted by soveryfabulous
The 239 is what I always use to apply shadow to my lid. I love it!

Yep, me too. This is one of my favs. I
the 239. I recently bought a second one. I have found this to be the best at packing on color.

The 239 is also the first full size brush I bought my daughter. I told her this is a must have for shadow.


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i just recently bought this (was using a 252 and 213) but i actually love the 239 to apply colors to the lid and pack it on (no fall out!) and also blending colors on the lid work real well too..
love this brush!

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Yeah I love the 239 for really packing on shadows. Its really good for eyeshadows that are glittery, or have a lot of fallout, and is fab for pigments! I never thought of using it for brow highlights. Hmm.. Must give it a try!


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i love this brush a little too much, i won't even say how many i own!
but it's my fave eye brush that i own!
it's amazing for the lid, browbone and even applying stuff to the lower lash line because it's quite stiff. the only downside is that if you use a really bright colour it tends to stain the brush. like when i foiled mutiny pigment on my lids the brush is now stained a light blue colour. i have also got on stained red and one green too
i think that's why i keep buying more because i like to have a clean looking one!


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Originally Posted by January
I do. It's my favorite to apply shadow the lids!


For the browbone I use the 224 or 227.


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Can you believe it, I just bought it! After so many years using the cheapo SE one. lol I love it! It picks up a lot of color even if the color payoff is horrible in a shadow. I only used it on my lid and blend with it a lil using the edge.


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239 is great for patting eyeshadow onto the lid. For brow bone, I use the 217 since it's larger so one sweep usually does the job. Sometimes there are harsh lines left so I use the 217 to both highlight brow bone and blend out the lines. This way the eye colors look smoother!


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So I got one and I <3 it! What is MAC's most popular brush for the brow bone? I've always used the same brush for both. I've been using the 239 under my brows and it seems to be fine, IDK what I'm missing out on! lol


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Great brush - get one if you haven't already. Everything everyone else has said already is right. It's perfect for packing on trickier e/s (loads of fallout) and especially pigments.


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I have two of these and I have to say I use it for almost everything;
- Lid
- Brow bone
- Crease
- lower lash line.

For me this is the one brush i'd pick if I could only choose one.

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