MAC blushes!


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I need some input!

I'm taking a night make-up artistry class and these are the required blush shades. I already looked into it a little bit and have some ideas as to which blushes fit the descriptions the best but I'd love to know what you guys think!

1 - Dark Burgundy (blue based) For this one I was thinking Fever?
2 - Soft Blue Based Pink Coygirl, Well Dressed or Pink Swoon maybe?
3 - Cool Muted Dusty Rose Blushbaby?
4 - Bright Warm Peach Gold Sunbasque or Peach Twist?
5 - Coral with a hint of red tone Salsarose?
6 - Warm to Neutral Wine Desert Rose?
7 - Warm intense apricot pink (pinkish to apricot salmon color) No idea!

8 - brownish muted plum perhaps breath o' plum?
9 - neutral mocha rose beige I was thinking prism.