MAC Collections and How You Shop Them.


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I started thinking after reading the thread about affording your MAC addiction about peoples collecting habits with MAC. I wondered how many people here:

1 Purchase pretty much an entire collection if they like it and skip other collections all together if they don't like the colors/promotion/packaging.
2 You pick and choose from each collection that comes along based on just the things that you like.

I realized that I tend to purchase most of a collection if I like that particular collection, such as Amused and She Shines, but skip others completely. I was wondering how everyone here decides on what and when to add to their MAC collection?


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It depends on if I think the colors will be good for me. Also what season we're in or coming upon. I think I'll be buying 4 shadows from Technacolor and some from Untamed (fall colors) but skip Rockocco? all together.


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I pick and choose what I like from a collection. Although sometimes (OK, often!) I like everything, especially eyeshadows.


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so far i have not been able to pass up a collection at all, sometimes i like just a few things in particular but like to get all the colors just to try and see how to pair them all together, sometimes i get something that i am very pleased with and sometimes im not which is when the clearance bin comes in handy.


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I usually get about 90% of every collection. Bad bad habit. I've actually started slowing down... because I think I'm pretty satisfied w/ what I got and came to the realization that if I keep buying the way I do I'll end up w/ more make-up than I can ever use in 3 lifetimes.


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i used to buy every collection, more or less, but got cured of that with the release of culturebloom. i bought the ENTIRE collection, and ended up not liking ANYTHING. i didn't save my receipt and couldn't return it, and the stuff ended up haunting me forever, lol. i've sold a lot of it online, but i still have bits and pieces. now i'm much more selective about what i buy, and unless its expected to be super popular, i usually wait for a few days to see how people like things, once they're released. oh, and the fact that i have so much makeup at this point, i really have to be selective, or i'll end up with items that are super similar, that i'll never use.

the other nice thing about these boards is that occasionally, if you miss out on something thats LE, or if you want a backup and weren't able to get one, they'll pop up on specktra, or LJ, or MUA, and you can get it that way...


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Originally Posted by bellaetoile
i used to buy every collection, more or less, but got cured of that with the release of culturebloom. i bought the ENTIRE collection, and ended up not liking ANYTHING.

:what: How could you not like culturebloom? I wish I could have gotten anything from it.


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I'm usually suckered into each collection, but I'm more cautious to buy things I'll really use or actually looks good on me. I've had to return 4 things in the last 5 months and I hate doing that, it's a waste of my time and of their product.

I also wait for swatches or reviews here to see if it's like anything I have so far or in the permanent collection (usual for any of us here, I guess). The most of one collection I've ever bought is from Lingerie, but that's only because of the wonderful Christmas money I got.


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I usually carefully choose things out of collections based on what I have already. I passed on the last 2 collections and got quite a few things from technacolor. Can't wait for the next 2 collections. I also have a great MA that knows what I like and tells me if I "need" it or not!


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i never have enough money to buy anywhere near the whole collection
i actually think i dont buy many things from collections..i'm not sure why. so i guess like shimmer--i buy what i like, collection or not
but of course, if i see something i really NEED from a collection, that will always happen to be a time when i have no money


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I pretty much pick and choose through each collection. I think I've gotten something from most every collection since D'Bohemia, with the exception of some of the smaller ones, but never the entire collection. I also have to find room for the perm. stuff I don't have yet. I'm slowly getting to maximum capacity, but I'm not there yet.


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I pick and choose, some collections like Lure and Sundressing I loved and bought pretty much the whole thing and others like Avant Gold I skip completely. Of course that wasen't really like a big collection, even A Muse I bought probaly half of and the rest wasen't my cup of tea. It just is rare I skip a whole collection though, but it was easy with Avant Gold cause I already have an HG powder so I didn't need it.


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Definetely the second option.
I know if I buy more than what I REALLY WANT, I'll end up using it once or twice and selling it online. There are a lot of pretty eyeshadows but I will only wear subtle eyeshadow out so there is no point in buying all of them. Usually, I pick out an eyeliner, lipstick or lipglass only. Rarely blushes or skin products unless they are like MSFs!

Anyway, I can't afford to buy so much of the collection, so it's usually 1-2 items at the most


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i usually pick & choose from each collection depending on my "list of priorities." since i collect the pigments & msf's then i make sure to buy all of those first. then i pick the eyeshadows that i think would flatter me, tho i'm very partial to blues, greens & purples!!


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When I first started I bought almost every eyeshadow from every collection just to have them, but now I pick and choose from each collection (or skip them all together) based on what I like and what I already have.


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I buy only what I like, normally just 1 or 2 items from each collection but there were certain collections I totally skipped over.

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