MAC Cosmetics Fergie Viva Glam VI campaign promotional image revealed


The spokespeople don't matter that much to me. Sure, it's an honor, but I won't fault MAC for their picks. If Fergie moves product and helps the charity, more power to her. I can't imagine someone seeing a gorgeous lipglass color and rejecting it because Fergie is on the display.

Personally, Fergie doesn't seem iconic like past choices. That's my only misgiving. I'll get the lipglass if it looks good, though.


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What's all the hostility against Fergie??lol

The lady is promoting a good cause-Full stop- And what better way to do it than with MAC!!

I think I can safely say almost everyone in the entertainment business has had some kinda nip-tuck/surgery/injections whatever done with all the pressure and all to be thin and beautiful. All pictures are edited even after hours in make-up and hair. At the end of the day MAC has the last words on the creative direction for this product.

Personally I think she looks great and i cant wait to get this lipglass looks gorgeous!


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I dunno what's up with you guys, but I can totally tell that it's Fergie. It still looks like her, just smoother than usual.

I respect that she's doing the MAC Viva Glam campaign. What's there to hate about her? MAC has always picked the more controversial stars. Is that so bad? I personally like her and I think she definitely knows how to work it. And that in itself is admirable. I also think it's smart that they pick the more controversial ones. Because it will make people pay attention to the campaign, negatively or not.

People like to point out that she's a crackwhore, hello, how many celebrities weren't? How many celebrities or rock stars have not OD'ed and died? I think it's harsh to judge her from that. Not even all of us are exactly clean ourselves.

Other than that though, I think she looks FABULOUS in the promo picture.


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Persactly! I think this is fabulous and from the promo I've seen she comes across with so much info about MAC and what they do, how she helped pick the colour etc. She looks hot in that promo. And honestly I'm going to check this out now, I wasn't keen on it before but it is for a good cause! Plus since this year with the AIDS awareness she's targeting younger people like teens, about the danger of AIDS and that they should be safe. So I think Fergie (who is popular with all the music award shows she sings on, plus her cd and the number of HITS that just keep popping out) is great for that demographic and the younger people are more likely to listen to her


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Originally Posted by miss_emc
Yeh, my trainer told me it was a 20 pound metal corsette! Intense...

wow. i was only thinking of how tight it is at the waist. then you add the fact that its 20 lbs of metal... power to ya ferge.


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There was supposed to be a limited number of downloads available from when Fergie's campaign "officially" launched. Poet Name Life, Fergie's official remixer remixed "Viva Glam". Poet Name Life is featured on the song with a guest rap plus an exclusive Fergie vocal performance.