MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collaboration image from WWD


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Originally Posted by makeup_queen81
I haven't read yet...but does anyone know if this collection has repromets or items from the permenant collections? I REALLY HOPE IT DOESN'T

From what has been posted, there are no repromotes - all the shades are new. I hope that ends up being the case.


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Originally Posted by makeup_queen81
that is exactly what i thought...i was picturing a white compact with HK outlined in black..the traditional look or pink packaging with a traditional HK...

same here. I was really hoping for traditional HK with simple lines. I am actually very surpised at how 'busy' the whole collection packaging looks.
ah fuck it I'm still gonna buy because


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Originally Posted by Janice
For anyone thinking I am teasing about not being able to share my HK information with you, you have my apologies. I had to agree not to share any of my personal coverage until after the new year. I promise to it up as soon as I can, but until then I am happy to share what I know in the capacities I can. (like the above clarification)

That is still a long time
But I will wait. What else should I do


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Originally Posted by chrissyclass
They should have done black AND white kitty. I've lost a bit of my erection for this collection
(hey that rhymes!)

haha your so


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Originally Posted by maclove1
hi Janice will these two sets be sold like the manish or will it be sold like a normole LE ?

I'm sorry, I am trying to understand what you are saying. I will try to answer but if I am not giving you what you need please clarify what you need and I will try again.

The collection will be available in all stores, but certain accessories will only be available at certain locations. i.e. PRO stores, Nordstroms, Saks, etc


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Originally Posted by alexandrarc
I'm sorry but Im a bit traditional, I think hello kitty (the plush toy) should be white. That is all.

i definitely agree there.


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Originally Posted by Janice

We’ll have our thoughts and pictures of the Hello Kitty collection up soon, in the meantime I wanted to share this image and information that published this morning.

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+++ please note i am a huge hello kitty collector +++

i really am debating if i want to buy just the stuff that i would actually use and appreciate but since i have two 40gallon rubbermaid containers full of HK and Sanrio [25 years worth] I think I just might have to buy it all. I don't even wear blush and lipstick, so I imagine they are going to be put away with the other collections I have.

So the total if you want to purchase the ENTIRE collection is:
*drum roll* [if i made a mistake let me know]

$864.00 USD for the actual make-up - yeah no kidding this is going to be a "high end" collection.
The only thing that I am quite sure was not added up correctly was the variety of the "false lashes" as there is no exact colors since it just says "ranges from."

The accessories total: $320.00

When I said I wanted to purchase it all...that was before I added it all up. I have just now limited myself to the lipglasses, dazzleglasses, nail polishes, eyeliners, shadows [depending the colors], mirror, and maybe small bag. And me saying that I want all of the lipglasses and dazzleglasses will be based on the colors since it is getting really expensive.

Good luck everyone! I hope you enjoy the ones you get in Feb.

WOW, am I insane?


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I was really hoping for some cute pink and white packaging!! I love the traditional red HK too but, nonetheless I will probably be getting most of the collection ...geez M.A.C!!


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I looove black.....!
But I still can't help being just a little dissapointed..

I was totally thinking pink, or adleast that HK would be white..!

Oh well, I will probably still get a few things..


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I'm not liking it
I really wanted something light, delicate, and girly. I'm confused by the swirly,psychodelic, and bold look of it all. I would like to see more colors because the colors shown don't look wearable to me. Thank you so much for finding the pics!!!