MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2007 Preliminary Information


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Thanks to two forum members, miss_emc and ivorygleam, we have preliminary holiday collection information and images of two of the four Antiquitease palettes! We're still far out on Holiday collections (2/3 months) so remember there are two AMAZING fall collections on counters, Smoke Signals and Blue Storm, for you to appreciate before Holiday '07 sets your checkbook on fire.

This is a MACgasmic amount of information to share, stay tuned to Specktra all the details on MAC Holiday '07.

Antiquitease Colour
25th October [US/Canada]
29th October [international]
Preliminary Details
  • 5 x Lipstick (LE)
  • 4 x Lipglass (LE)
  • 5 x Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos (LE)
  • 3 x Pigment (LE)
  • 2 x Fluidline (1 LE, 1 Repromote)
  • 1 x Fibre Rich Lash Mascara (Repromote)
  • 2 x Nail Lacquer (LE)
Antiquitease Kits
25th October [US/Canada]
29th October [international]
Preliminary Details
  • Royal Assets (Lips x 3 )- Tan, Coral, Red, Pink
  • Royal Assets (Eyes x 6) -Warm, Cool, Smokey, Metallic
  • Finery (Lip Bag x 3) - Plum, Coral, Tan, Pink
  • Heirlooms (Brush Sets) - Basic, Face, Eye
  • Viva Glamorous (VG Lips x 3) - Warm, Cool
25th October [US/Canada]
29th October [international]
Clutch (Cream Tweed) Containing:
  • Shimmertime Pigment - Soft baby pink (repromote: She Shines '06) [Promo Size]
  • Sunbasque Blush - Gilded peach with pearl (Sheertone Shimmer) [Full Size
  • Glamoursun Lipglass - Sun-beige with pink pearl (frost, repromote: Sundressing '06) [Full Size]
  • Nightsky Soft Sparkle Pencil - True black with silver pearlized pigments (repromote: Sweetie Cake '06, Balloonacy '07) [Promo Size]
Heirlooms Brush Box
25th October [US/Canada]
29th October [international]
  • #129 - All-purpose for blush or face powder
  • #219 - For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line
  • #239 - Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based product
  • #266 - For creating sharp, precise lines
  • #316 - For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover
19th November [international]
These are the "mini" sets, Preliminary Information
  • Lipglass & Lustreglass x 5 - Warm, Cool
  • Pigments x 5 - Warm, Cool
  • Softsparkle Eye Pencils x 5
  • Plushglass x 5
29th November [US/Canada]
3rd December [international]
Preliminary Information
  • 9 x Metal-X Eye Creams (LE)
  • 5 x Glitter Eye Liner (LE)
29th November [US/Canada]
3rd December [international]
Preliminary Information
  • 4 x Lipstick (LE)
  • 4 x Lipglass (LE)
  • 4 x Diamond Powder (LE)
  • 3 x Sheer Mystery Powder (LE)
  • 3 x Brushes (Lip, Eye, Face)
  • 1 x Luxe Bag (Black Embellished)
MAC of Beauty
29th November [US/Canada]
3rd December [international]
  • 6 x Loose Beauty Powder (LE)
  • 6 x Studio Lights Concealer (LE)
  • 3 x Brushes (#183, #188, #222)


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