MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2016


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I LOVVVVEEE your makeup in your new avi! What are you wearing?

I'm getting the same damn problem. Only seems to be happening in the MAC threads.

Thanks (and sorry for the late response)! It's that big MAC palette, warm neutrals I believe, on my eyes and then Milani's Crush liquid lipstick

Marsha Pomells

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I really hope it's real! I love the way the nude one looks and I regret only getting one from the original collection.

They do look amazing. I was lucky to get away with Bianca B and Eugenie. I really wanted to complete the collection, but I think I should be happy with what I have... But if those are real... I want most of the reds and a couple of nudes...


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I hope that CFDA isn't just all stuff from the permanent line

And I'm waiting on a date for Big Brow lol

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