MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2018


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First bit of info from me then :)

Lunar New Year collection - be warned this may be an Asia-only release (just my guess, hopefully I'm wrong)

Pure Happiness - Sheer light pink (Cremesheen)
Good Health - Muted peachy nude (Satin)
Prosperity - Bright pinky coral (Matte)
Peachy New Year - Soft peach with gold pearl (Satin)
To Luck! - Soft dusty rose (Matte)

Eyeshadow x9 - Luck & Fortune

Powder Blush Duo - Love Token


New brush? 106 Triangular Concealer Brush

Couple of pro products:
M·A·C PRO Performance HD Airbrush Makeup Mini Brights Kit
M·A·C PRO Performance HD Airbrush Makeup Mini Nudes Kit


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Pics for the products in my post above, plus the charcoal charged water & mask we've already heard about.

IMG_0999.JPG IMG_1001.JPG IMG_1002.JPG

IMG_1005.JPG IMG_1003.JPG IMG_1004.JPG

IMG_1006.JPG IMG_1007.JPG
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If that collection doesn't get released in US, MAC and I are gonna have a war, I swear to God. I'm getting really sick of them releasing all of the good stuff in Asia only. I want everything in that collection, that packaging is so pretty!


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Good Health reminds me of a MAC Asia exclusive lipstick I missed out on years ago called Well Loved. MAC betta release this here! I need the Times Nine as well lol


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Awww Man! Someone on IG said it’s exclusive to Asia! Makes no sense! Going to be annoyed at myself when I’m on damn eBay


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Figured... I see the packaging and lipsticks and think wow finally a collection I want... and it’s probably not for US lol

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